Our Queens

Nicolletta Amelia

Rock Hill Maine Coons Nicolletta

Blue Tortoishell

Jael Madalynne

Rock Hill Maine Coon's Jael

Black Smoke Polydactyl

Liliah Grace

Rock Hill Maine Coon's Liliah

Blue Smoke Tortie/White

River Wylde

Rock Hill Maine Coon's River Wylde

Black Silver Tabby

Dahlia June

Rock Hill Maine Coon's Dahlia

Black Brown Ticked Torbie Polydactyl

Temberlie Jaide

Rock Hill Maine Coon's Temberlie

Black Silver Mackerel Tabby

Bayleigh Buttercup

Rock Hill Maine Coon's Bayleigh

Black Amber Smoke Tortie

Meet Nicoletta, Jael, Liliah, River Wylde, Dahlia,

Temberlie & Bayleigh.


                 Of note, we do not breed our girls past the age of 5.  They are typically retired between 3 yrs and 5 years. At the very latest, the day the Queen turns 5 yrs old, whatever stage of the litter that she is on, that is her last bundle of babies.  It is also essential that our new mommies learn to mother, as it is not always instinctive.  To remedy/prevent this, we always have our new mommies have their first 2-3 litters, beginning around a year after their third heat, while their mommies are having their last 2-3 litters. Due to this, each of our Queens are at several different stages. 

          Our Queens typically have 2 litters per year, in the spring and fall.  In addition, all of the mommies end up mothering all of the kittens and the kittens are all integrated together once the Queen is ready.  We aim to breed our Queens as little as possible, just enough to properly further our lines, and then they are spayed and, if they are not staying with us as a pet, they are placed typically with friends and family so we can still see them, as we get so attached to them.  

The daughter's learn from their mothers how to be a mother. 

It's a precious thing to watch...


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