Our Cause

Rock Hill Maine Coons wants every cat ~ and every child ~ to have a family and a home.

We are blessed to have the opportunity to partner with a local organization called,

“The Reel Hope Project”.

Reel Hope makes videos of kids in foster care who are waiting to be adopted.

They then use those videos to find a forever family for every child.

For every kitten that is adopted from our cattery, Rock Hill Maine Coons

will donate a portion of that to The Reel Hope Project. This donation will be at least the

minimum amount needed for a foster child’s video to be seen by at least 100 more families,

who could end up being that child’s adoptive forever family.

We invite you to also partner with us in this ministry,

whether it be by adopting a kitten from Rock Hill or by exploring different ways to help,

which are available via the link below. Due to legality issues, we are not able to have any

videos of the children awaiting adoption on our website, however, they are

readily available to be viewed on Reel Hope’s site.

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