About Polydactyls

A polydactyl Maine coon is a Maine Coon in every characteristic and with extra toes.  This word means multi-toed, and the extra-large paws are nick-named double-paws, because the paws are usually double-wide in size.   They can walk through snow more easily, hence another nick-name of snowshoe cat; but most often though, they are simply called polys. 

A natural anomaly, the polydactyl dominate gene in Maine Coons is a simple autosomal, meaning not linked to a dominate gene.  The Pd gene is a harmless genetic trait that is not to be associated with other anomalies. Because of this, you must have a polydactyl parent to have a polydactyl kitten. 

There are no documented ill effects of the polydactyl gene in the Maine Coon cat.  Much scientific research data collected has suggested that the polydactyl Maine Coon is a more preferred trait in the working breed for health and vigor.   Many non-polydactyl Maine Coons have a polydactyl member of their genetic lines in their pedigrees, and breeding these polydactyl cats is still fully accepted and recognized as purebred worldwide.  They can be registered with any official cat association.  When looking over a Pedigree, you can see all the polydactyl Maine Coons in the pedigree because they will have a P. somewhere in the name. 

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